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Skilled Trades Program

Skilled Trades Internship Program

This program requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 and an orientation with the coordinator.

The Skilled Trades Intern Program is for students who have work goals that may not require a college degree. Through non-paid internships, students experience careers by working with personnel in manufacturing, trade businesses and industry. At the conclusion of the year-long class, the student may be qualified for employment in an entry-level job.

Students who enroll in the program earn 1.0 credit per semester. The program coordinator will assist the student in developing an internship site that will expose the student to the skills they are seeking. Participation in the program requires a seriousness of purpose on the student’s part, good attendance, and a willingness to work in the program during out-of-school hours.

Interested juniors are welcome to apply to the program for their senior school year.  They are required to complete the application packet, which is available from their counselor and is also posted below.  Selection into the program is based on a combination of GPA and counselor and educator recommendations.

Note:  All of the internship classes will address issues including communication skills, team building, overcoming adversity, and interpersonal skills. Students will develop the above skills and be open to ideas of change.

Skilled Trades application, checklist, and recommendation forms