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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

This course will teach students basic skills that will prepare students  for a career in art and design. Using industry-standard software, students learn basic technical skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign on a Mac platform. Topics include fundamental principles of design, typography, document design, project management, advertising, and career exploration in design. This is a project-based course where students produce a digital portfolio and may receive college credit upon completion of the course. A trip to Chicago is included as a work-based learning opportunity for exposure to post-secondary schools and design studios. Basic computer skills are required.


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Graphic Design II

Prerequisite: Graphic Design or instructor permission

This course teaches the digital fundamentals in layout, design and illustration through a project-based learning approach. Current industry standard software is used on a Mac platform and applied to assess student proficiency and skills. Coursework focuses on enhancing skills in visual literacy, color theory and use of design elements, techniques in digital illustration, advertising, and entrepreneurship. All students will develop a portfol web design. A trip to Chicago is included as a work-based learning opportunity for exposure to post-secondary schools and design studios.