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Attendance Information


Livonia Public Schools - Board Policy (Revised June 2019) High School Attendance Policy Livonia Public Schools is committed to providing our students with a world-class education that will prepare them to be productive citizens in a diverse and democratic society. That students regularly attend class should be a shared and common expectation of the schools, the students, and the parents. While our goal is to work cooperatively with parents and students, we also wish to maintain high standards and instill the work traits of punctuality and outstanding attendance necessary for success. Those students who skip class or accrue excessive absences in a class could have their grade lowered or lose credit for that class. 


Ten (10) total absences in a class during one semester are deemed excessive. Excused absences, unexcused absences, and suspensions will count in a student's total number of absences. Instances of school business absence will not figure into the total number of absences. A student with excessive absences in a class may be placed on an attendance contract by the assistant principal. The contract will outline the conditions which must be met for the student to earn credit for the course. Special circumstances and doctor-verified illnesses will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Written documentation may be requested by the school in those instances. A continued pattern of absences may result in the student being removed from the class. Beginning with the 15th absence in a single class, a student may lose credit, and an "EW" may be posted on that student's report card and transcript. Truancy process will begin at the 15th absence.

The attendance policy at the Livonia Career Technical Center exists to make students realize they are responsible for their attendance and punctuality, to develop positive work traits that correspond to educational and employer expectations, and to maintain consistency when dealing with students at the Career Technical Center.

A tardy (for any reason) is defined as a student not in the classroom when the tone begins to sound. Students arriving later than 45 minutes (for a 2 1/2-hour class) and 25 minutes (for a 90-minute class) will be considered absent.  All tardies will fall under this policy. A student cannot choose to skip class to avoid being tardy. 

The following steps will take place for each tardy the student has during the semester:

  • Tardy 1, 2, 3, & 4: Teacher directed consequence.

  • Tardy 5: Teacher contacts parents to discuss the issue and then documents the contact.

  • Tardy 7: Teacher refers student to principal.  Contact home by principal.  Write contract and have student sign.

  • Tardy 10: Teacher refers student to principal.  Students surpassing this tardy level may lose credit for the course.


An automated telephone service will report absences to the student’s home or designated phone number.  In addition, parents have the ability to check their student’s attendance online.


  1. Parents/Guardians are required to contact their student’s home high school regarding their student’s absence. Parents/Guardians of Out of Districts students are required to contact the Career Center if their student is going to be absent.

  2. All absences are recorded in the ParentConnect program which can be viewed by parent/guardian using the designated login. If your student has an unexcused absence in one or more hours, an automated message will be sent to the home of the student via the designated phone number or email address.


Classroom attendance instills a concept of self-discipline, exposes a student to group interactions with teachers and fellow students, and enables a student to hear and participate in class discussion and other related learning experiences. With that understanding, Livonia Public Schools encourages daily attendance and has deemed ten (10) absences in a class during a given semester as an excessive amount. 1. School-to-parent contacts and alerts prior to a student surpassing the excessive absence standard will be made via the district's automated system. Under LPS policy, each high school will determine their contact method and contact interval. An individual teacher may make additional contacts with students and parents/guardians to communicate regarding attendance matters and concerns. 2. Students with documented medical issues or other reasonable concerns should, in a timely manner, contact their assistant principal to discuss concerns about grade reductions due to absences.


A student who has been absent from class has the responsibility for obtaining and completing homework, class projects, or other graded assignments including tests and quizzes that occurred during their absence. Assignments such as papers, major presentations or other previously assigned graded events will be expected to be completed and submitted on the day the student returns to class if the due date coincides with the date of an absence. A student with an excused absence, school business absence, or absence due to suspension will be allowed one day per day of absence to make up for missed work. In cases of multiple consecutive days of absence due to suspension or a pre-arranged absence, a student will be allowed no more than three days to make up missed work. A student with an unexcused absence may not receive credit for work missed because of the absence. Students are required to complete all work missed regardless of why the student was absent. Any exceptions to the above regulations will be made with the administrator's approval.


If there are questions or concerns regarding your student’s attendance, the first line of communication should be with the classroom teacher.  You may also want to contact your student’s high school counselor or assistant principal to assist in clarifying attendance errors or correcting attendance problems


Parents may check a student’s attendance with the online access available to see if the student was in class.  We are expecting students to make up work when absent by following the guidelines each teacher has established. Even if a student is absent due to a suspension, the student will be expected to make up the work.  The granting of credit for work made up is defined by each teacher’s course expectations and the administration.  Therefore, depending on the nature of the absence, credit may be granted, but the learning should be completed so that the student does not fall behind.


When it becomes necessary to leave the immediate school property during the school day, students are required to check out at the main office. If a student leaves without permission at any time for any reason during the school day, the student will face disciplinary action ranging from detention to suspension (consequences may also include not receiving credit for work assigned, done, or due during the time you were absent from class). Additionally, the student will be marked Absent Unexcused for the classes missed during their absence. Please see the procedures below for further clarification. Students who repeat this behavior beyond the first offense will be suspended for additional days for each subsequent offense. Any student that needs to leave the building at any time should ask for permission before they go, including trips to the parking lot during the school day. 


Students arriving at school after the start of the school day (either arriving late or returning from a previously approved check-out) are required to sign in electronically at the check-in desk in the front hallway. They should then proceed to class in a timely manner. Regardless of time, all students must check in on a computer. 


Any student leaving school, other than at their scheduled time, must check out through the Main office and also sign out electronically at the check-in/check-out desk in the front hallway. If a parent/guardian needs to check their student out during the day, the preferred option is that the student should come to school with a note indicating the time at which they are to be dismissed. The note should be delivered to the students teacher and then brought to main office when the student checks out. Another option is for the parent/guardian to come into the main office to check your student out (If selecting this method, please try to arrive approximately ten minutes before you need the student to leave the school to allow your student to be called from their class.) A parent/guardian may also call the main office at least one hour prior to their needed check-out time (to allow a student to be located in time for check out.) A check-out pass will be prepared for the student in advance of their early dismissal. Before leaving, the student must sign out electronically at the computer in the main hallway. If a student does NOT check out in this manner prior to leaving the building, the absence will remain unexcused. If a parent/guardian does NOT check a student out prior to the student leaving the building/missing class, the absence will remain unexcused.


If a student becomes ill at school, the student should report to the clinic in the Main/Attendance Office. If necessary, the student will be excused to go home after the school has received instructions from the home or an authorized person named on the Emergency Care Card.