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Points of Pride

  • All programs at LCTC provide work-based learning experiences that include sustained interactions with
    employers in real workplace and academic settings that foster first-hand engagement with tasks required of
    specific careers. 
  • All programs at LCTC provide student leadership opportunities to support employability and career ready
  • All programs offer, or will in the near future, post-secondary recognized credentials which benefit students by providing them with career and/or college ready skills to enter employment or postsecondary education
    after graduation.
  • All programs at LCTC have articulation agreements with colleges and universities so students can earn
    college credit in their CTE courses.
  • LCTC has provided career technical education for over 40 years to Livonia high school students.
  • Students have been awarded State of Michigan honors in career technical student organization competitions.
  • Each program has a business advisory that meets with the instructor to discuss curriculum, equipment, career pathways to college, and the job market today.
  • Our teachers have worked in the industry they now teach. All of our teachers have industry credentials.
  • Programs engage the learner with activities that are "hands on."
  • We provide an environment for learning that is positive and business oriented.
  • Our class size is 22-30 students depending on the program.
  • LCTC has state of the art technology in all of it’s programs.