Dear Parent/Guardian:

Livonia Public Schools, in an effort to ensure the safety and security of all children, is continuing our safety procedure for field trip drivers, chaperones and volunteers. (PALS, Motor Moms, ELVS)

It is necessary for all parents/guardians who will be chaperoning field trips to provide information for a criminal background check. The form found at the bottom of this letter is to be completed and returned to the school office. All of the forms from our building will then be sent to the Board of Education Office where the information will be entered into the ICHAT database. It is only the Office of the Administrator of Public Safety that is authorized to access the ICHAT database on behalf of the School District. Our school will be allowed to access a list of parents who are eligible to chaperone field trips. Except where disclosure is required by law, the results of the ICHAT database check will be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis only and will be kept on file in the Personnel office for the current school year.

Parents may elect not to be screened. Please note that if you are not screened you will not be able to chaperone any children other than your own on school field trips.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. John Raymond, Administrator of Public Safety,



Note: The school must receive an original ICHAT form not an e-mailed or faxed copy.

Click the following link to download the ICHAT form: