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904 - Website Design & Interactive Media 1

grade level: 11-12
1.0 credit/semester

Students will create, design and produce interactive multi-media products and services. Topics include:  Web Page Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, Computer Graphics, Usability Issues, Accessibility, and Web Programming. 

Prerequisite: Students should possess the following computer skills:

* Ability to navigate windows, type 35 words per minute, know how to locate saved files, open files, how to find files once saved, use a mouse (right click/left click) know how to print, copy/paste, basic word processing skills.

905 - Website Design & Interactive Media 2
grade level: 12
1.0 credit/semester 

Students will build upon the knowledge acquired in Web 1 and demonstrate an increased ability to create, design and produce interactive media products. Students will expand their knowledge of Web design, programming and administration to develop and maintain Web applications.  This will include:  HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, Web Standards, and JQuery.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 904 Website Design and Administration 1 competencies

Ms. Bush

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