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911 – Mobile Applications & Game Development 

grade level:  11-12
1.0 credit/semester

This course is project based and  will cover fundamentals of game design and coding by  following a real-world design and engineering process.  Students will create socially useful games and applications for mobile devices and the web.  The course emphasizes communication, collaboration and creativity.  

Students will:

*Create a two-level game using HTML5/CSS and JavaScript.  

*Code and design games using Flash and ActionScript

*Develop a 3D adventure game that is fun and educational using JavaScript  and the Unity game design environment.

*Learn to design and code games that leverage mobile-device features, like touch screen, accelerometer, and small screen size.  Export and test on mobile devices.

*Gain information about the application submission process and how to market your app

*Build socially useful games and apps that are tangible and shareable.

Prerequisite:  Students should possess the following computer skills:

*Ability to navigate windows, type 35 words per minute, know how to locate saved files, open files, how to find files once saved, use a mouse (right click/left click) know how to print, copy/paste, basic word processing skills.

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