920 - Fashion Merchandising 1
grade level: 11-12
1.0 credit/semester

Fashion Merchandising offers students an introduction to the many aspects of the fashion industry. Fashion Merchandising offers opportunities for students interested in the career pathways of Arts & Communication, or Business, Management, Marketing & Technology. Employment can be found in a variety of settings including retail locations, advertising agencies, apparel production and manufacturing. Field trips, guest speakers, and internships offer hands-on opportunities to supplement instruction. Sample units of study include Understanding Fashion, Customer Service/Selling, Visual Merchandising Skills, Fibers & Textiles, Women's, Men's, and, History of Costume, Children's Apparel, Fashion Designers, Fashion Show Production, Buying & Inventory Control Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Field, Fashion Design .

Prerequisite: none

921 - Fashion Merchandising 2
grade level: 12
1.0 credit/semester

The second year of the program will expand on the concepts, skills, and knowledge gained in Fashion Merchandising I, Students will Develop an increased awareness of marketing and management principles used in the fashion industry, Strengthen their visual skills and techniques through hands on activities, Explore career opportunities within the fashion field and develop career plans, Develop a fashion promotion plan for a retain business.

Prerequisite: completion of 920 Fashion Merchandising 1 competencies

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