Academic Integration

Academic Integration

Math, ELA and Online Learning are Academic courses offered at the Career Technical Center.

Online Learning

Some out-of-district students may be eligible to take an online course while at the Career Center through the LCTC Online program.  Online courses are powered by Apex Learning ( and facilitated by certified teachers, who provide students with support on content mastery, motivation, and time management as they pursue their individualized coursework.

Integrated ELA:

The Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Technical Subjects are integrated into all LCTC programs. Career Center instructors prepare students for the demands of the workplace and college-not only in terms of their technical skills, but also with regard to their written and verbal communication skills and their ability to read and comprehend real-world, professional texts. LCTC students are exposed to the same kinds of reading and writing tasks that they will encounter when they enter the workforce or post-secondary education.